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Price lists & bargain

The following price list are provided for download as PDF. As an alternative we may send them to you by post. To do so please fill in the form on the following page: Catalogue

EN pricelist PhoeniX alcove EN 2011-2012
EN pricelist PhoeniX liner EN 2011-2012

DE Preisliste PhoeniX Alkoven DE 2011-2012
DE Preisliste PhoeniX Liner DE 2011-2012

F liste prix capucine F 2011-2012
F liste prix liner F 2011-2012

CZ Cenik Alkovna CZ 2010-2011
CZ Cenik Liner CZ 2010-2011


DE Bargain Furniture stylXelegance
DE Bargain Alkoven 7200 RSL
DE Bargain Daily Liner
DE Bargain PKW Garagen

You wil need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 for the download. If you don't have it, it's free. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader