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German Zu unserem französischem Händler

If the issue is about real craftsmanship then naturally you have to put in some careful thought.

Our unique configuration provides the ideal blend that we strive every day to create at our industrial premises in Aschbach so that we can meet your preferences.

This means selecting the highest quality material as well as the most effective process and employing the highest level of skills to find the best design solution. Our experienced PhoeniX team makes every effort to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly; then when it is over, we can open the door to let you climb into your very own, personal “dream“ vehicle.

Before you can do this there are of course several quality tests to be done.  These tests are designed to meet our own high demanding standards as well as those of our customers.  

For example there is a 10-year guarantee stating that the vehicles are watertight. This is just one of the many important aspects that enable our partners to be successful in selling our PhoeniX range of mobile homes.