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Standard top-class equipment


The PhoeniX mobile home has clever technical enhancements of all the standard features, right down to the smallest parts, and everything is of outstanding quality to make life in your mobile home easier whether you are driving or are stationary.

elektronisch gesteuerte Doppel-Trittstufeausziehbares Heckstoßstangensystem
1 Entrance doors
2 electronically controlled double step
3 rear bumpers that can be pulled out
4 Roof fan with thermostat
5 Mini HEKI panoramic roof ventilator with thermostat
Dachventilator mit ThermostatMini-HEKI-Panoramafenster
6 loud speaker panel
7 drawers that can be taken out with extension slides fitted with 4 ball-bearings
8 B019 Control panel
9 Exterior mirror
10 electricity power from outside led through the floor
Lautsprecherpaneelausziehbare Schubfächer
Bord-Control 019