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The new PhoeniX Midi-class

Since the Caravan Salon 2013, the PhoeniX-family has a new member: the new PhoeniX Midi-class

The most important item in the construction of the Midi-class was keeping the PhoeniX-genes. In spite of the lighter chassis, however the comfort and the great living atmosphere you expect from a PhoeniX are a must. Due to the construction from the outside to the inside, solid and durable furnitures and first-class materials and accessories, the PhoeniX Midi-Liner or -Alcove is your reliable and loyal travel companion. 

The PhoeniX Midi-Liner
You immediately see the membership to the PhoeniX-family thanks to the sweeping dynamics and harmonic curves. The other familiar added features of the PhoeniX-liner like standard air suspension on the rear axle, air conditioner in the driving cab und a big panorama-windscreen are also part of the vehicle.
The Midi-Liner is built up on the Fiat AL-KO chassis or on Iveco Daily 52 C 15. For both chassis, we offer the floor plans 7200 GS and 7700 L.
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The PhoeniX Midi-Alcove
A PhoeniX Alcove is something very special. For good reason, PhoeniX started with this product on the Caravan Salon 15 years ago and up to this day it enjoys great popularity.The PhoeniX Midi-Alcove is the perfect vehicle for any destination because of reinforced stabilisers on front and rear axle, air conditioner in the driving cab, shock-cushioning seats and optional accessory like air suspension on the rear axle or all-wheel drive..

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